Integration with key card, POS & accounting systems

Why make it hard on yourself? Creating key cards can be such an easy thing. Bookingplanner can create them for you with one touch of a button. Instantly and for the right room and correct period, thanks to our integrations with several key card systems.

Turn your accounting into child's play as well. Bookingplanner can send information from your invoices to several accounting sofware packages.

Do you have a bar or restaurant? And you want to give your guest one nice, joint bill at the end of the stay? Bookingplanner can connect with several POS systems, allowing you to put F&B charges on the room bill!

Equipped with a full set of reports to give you the insights you need

Financial reports

Do you need a clear overview of your invoices & credit notes or outstanding balances? With Bookingplanner you have a lof of options to request a report in the blink of an eye. The financial goings of your hotel or B&B are just a click of a button away. More over, Bookingplanner has reports for goverment purposes. A ready to use city tax report for instance.

Housekeeping reports

Bookingplanner provides you with useful housekeeping reports that everyone understands. This way housekeeping will know where to change the linen, where to do a legionella check up,... A special request from a guest? Bookingplanner will pass it along to housekeeping for an optimal guest satisfaction!

Management reports

Managing your accommodations will be much clearer with Bookingplanner. The Management Repport shows you the numbers in comparison to last year. For fire safety you are required to have a list of all guests in house. Bookingplanner has it ready for you, whenever you need it!

With the Occupation Report you can check if your price strategy needs adjustments. Or use the breakfast list, arrival list or departure list for you and your staff!

Clear overview of your reservations, day by day

The Planboard of Bookingplanner makes sure you can see in a clear view who will arrive when, in what room they will be staying and when they will check-out. And show you the available rooms. Thanks to a discrete logo you'll know immediately the reservation channel of the guest. And with only one click, you can check the reservation details and check the guest in or out!

Templates to save time and send personalised messages

Bookingplanner is equipped with a module for e-mail templates. Allowing you to send e-mail templates for several standard situations and in multiple languages fastly straight from Bookingplanner. You're through with typing the same e-mail over and over again! You can even use the guest details to personalise the e-mail.