Why do you need Online Travel Agencies?

If you want to fill your rooms, you need to be visible to those who are potentially interested in your accommodation. That is precisely what large international OTAs are specialised in! Companies like this enjoy top-of-mind brand awareness, big marketing budgets and plenty of data knowledge, which is why many travellers end up using their platforms. Not only do they allow you to reach a larger audience, they also drive direct bookings thanks to their billboard effect.

How to pick the right OTAs for your accommodation?

For Europe, the most influential booking platforms that you can’t go without are Booking.com, Expedia, HRS and Airbnb. However, local OTAs can be an equally interesting partner for you! Take a look at the tourist board of your city or region, for example.

Keep in mind that travellers usually browse multiple websites before booking, often to compare prices. It’s therefore a good idea to be present on a variety of channels, rather than just picking one or two. By increasing your online visibility, you will generate more reservations and maximise your occupancy rate.

Pick the right OTAs for your accommodation type

To help you reach the right target audiences,we’ve listed the most popular OTAs for each accommodation type. Based on your location, these can be a great addition to your distribution mix.


Bed & Breakfast

Holiday home or apartment


Finding a distribution mix that works well for your accommodation is often a matter of trial and error. Keep an eye on your OTA reports in Bookingplanner to monitor the performance of your channels. If a certain channel isn’t generating enough bookings or revenue, you can always choose to close it down or replace it.

Ready to expand your online visibility with the right OTAs?

With Bookingplanner, you can easily set up new OTA connections. Would you like some assistance from us or more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below! For a complete overview of your OTA options, visit our Marketplace.