Smooth check-in and check-out

Bookingplanner is indispensable for the daily operations of your accommodation. Here you can see all check-ins and check-outs for the day at a single glance, with a complete overview of who is staying in your accommodation that day. Queues at the front desk are a thing of the past!

Check-in & check-out
Easy-to-read dashboard

Easy-to-read dashboard

Bookingplanner’s efficiency allows reception tasks to be carried out at lightning speed:  

  • You have a clear overview in front of you of all arriving and departing guests, even with group bookings. The overview can be customised using filters.
  • Simply consult the registration sheets and, if needed, print them individually or in bulk.

Structured lists

From the dashboard, you can access convenient lists that help you efficiently manage your hotel or B&B.

  • View and print breakfast lists. Add any additional comments or wishes from guests.
  • Simplify room cleaning with clear cleaning lists. This way, you can immediately see which rooms are free or occupied, which guests are checking in or out and which actions are needed. You can also add extra comments if needed.
Structured lists
Rapid billing

Rapid billing

From your overview, you can easily consult the outstanding balance or adjust the invoicing in real time. Correct, transparent invoicing is one of the foundations of an excellent guest experience.

  • Split or merge folios and print the bill in a simple way.
  • Easily add additional costs such as minibar, wellness, …
  • Send payment links to your guests.

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