Easily manage hotel or B&B payments

In hospitality, payment processing involves a lot of manual steps per booking: verifying credit cards, charging them, issuing refunds, dealing with fraud or chargebacks and so on. What if you could automate your hotel payment process? Bookingplanner has the hospitality payment solution for your hotel, hostel, guest house, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental!

Accept online payments for more direct hotel bookings
Increase direct bookings hotel B&B

Accept online payments for more direct bookings

One of the main reasons why people book their hotel, B&B or holiday rental via OTAs is because of the easy payment process. Don’t miss out on direct bookings and pay less commission to OTAs by offering online payment options on your hotel website. Integrate your Booking Engine with a renowned payment provider (PSP) and allow hotel or B&B guests to pay securely with their preferred payment method: credit card, debit card, PayPal, iDEAL...

Avoid losing money to no-shows, cancellations & fraud

Losing money due to no-shows and last-minute cancellations? Frustrating, isn’t it? With our hospitality payment solutions via a payment partner, you can confidently accept direct payments or credit card guarantees when guests book online at your hotel, B&B, or holiday home.

  • Automatic verification of credit cards and payment details.
  • No risk of errors, fraud, chargebacks or payment refusals.
  • Always certain of the payment.
Easy hotel management less administration
Faster hotel payment processing faster check-out

Easier hotel management with less admin

Manually processing credit card details, payments and refunds for each booking takes a lot of time and effort. With Bookingplanner’s payment integration, you can automate this process and reduce your administrative workload. Save time daily on your hotel management, so your hotel staff can focus on optimising the guest experience in your hotel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental!

Faster payment, faster check-out

Don’t keep guests waiting in your B&B or hotel. Bookingplanner’s hotel PMS keeps track of outstanding balances and payments, so you can charge guests in a heartbeat. Connect Mollie’s hotel POS terminal to Bookingplanner for an even faster check-out. Thanks to our PSP integration, you can:

  • Let guests pay online during the booking process.
  • Quickly settle any additional expenses like extras at check-out.
  • Send guests secure payment links before, during or after their stay.

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