Simplify administrative tasks

Bookingplanner eliminates administrative work and makes invoicing, room allocation, etc. extremely efficient. You can consult everything effortlessly on the well-organised planning board.

Front desk tasks
Smooth room allocation

Smooth room allocation

Manually allocating rooms and adjusting bookings are history: with Bookingplanner, you can complete these tasks in no time.

  • Allocate the correct rooms to your online bookings quickly and easily. You can choose to have this done manually or automatically.  
  • Easily adapt the room type or date of arrival/departure, by simply moving your booking on the planning board.
  • Received a cancellation? Delete this booking with just one click and quickly make the room bookable again. This way, you aim for the highest possible occupancy rate.

A clear overview at any time

Bookingplanner offers you the possibility to personalise the overview of your bookings using your own labels.

  • Assign a specific colour to certain actions or additional comments, so you immediately see what needs to be done, e.g. flowers in the room, pets, extra pillow, ...
  • Quickly consult a detailed overview for each booking.
  • Arrange your bookings as you wish: by room type, by floor, by building, etc.  
A clear overview
Link up with your favourite apps

Link up with your favourite apps

Bookingplanner offers numerous integrations that make both your life and your guests’ stay even more pleasant.  

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