Why is a hotel pricing strategy important?

Not aligning your prices with the market causes you to miss out on potential bookings and earnings, undermining your profitability. That’s why a hotel pricing strategy is a crucial aspect of your distribution strategy. By adjusting prices based on demand and other market conditions (dynamic pricing), you can convince guests to book with you instead of a competitor and earn more per booking!

An effective hotel pricing strategy is about:

  • Adapting prices to match what guests are willing to pay.
  • Offering attractive rates that drive more bookings.
  • Maximising occupancy rates, revenue and profitability.

Automate your pricing to save time

The problem with constantly monitoring the market and adjusting room prices on multiple booking channels is that it requires specialised tools and a lot of time. That’s where our Pricing Manager comes into play, your shortcut to optimised hotel pricing!

How does Pricing Manager work?

  • Daily price recommendations based on data, AI & your preferences
  • Instant price updates on your OTAs and own website via the Channel Manager integration
  • Maximum revenue with minimal time & effort, so you can focus on your guests

Maximise revenue with the right hotel prices

Without optimal prices for your rooms or holiday home, you’re missing out on revenue. Our Pricing Manager ensures that you’re always offering the right price at the right time for maximum earnings and profitability. Not only do you secure more bookings by showing more attractive rates than the competition, but you earn more per reservation when demand is high.