Why do you need an accounting system?

Did you know that an entrepreneur spends +/-7,5 hours per month on administration? You can easily spend fewer hours on administration thanks to an accounting system, so you have more time to focus on what really matters: your guests! What can you expect from an accounting system?

  • Automate your administration process.
  • Working together with your accounting/finance department on the same platform.
  • Improve your invoicing & purchasing process.
  • Connection with your bank account.
  • Financial reports & analyses.

Why choose Exact Online?

Exact Online’s accounting robot processes all of your administrative work for you. We call that no hands accounting. With Exact, you can link all of your software into one central system. This prevents unnecessary extra work and errors. Easily work together with your accountant and save time just like 92% of their clients have done before you! With the best online accounting software you can focus on your hotel or B&B.

Why choose Exact Online?

Why should you integrate Exact Online with Bookingplanner All-In-One?

The integration makes it possible to send details of invoices and credit notes from Bookingplanner to Exact Online. You can send the data instantly or afterwards as you prefer & you can even forward all of the documents in one click. It’s also possible to send payments afterwards and to display the payment status.

You can synchronise the following data:

  • Invoice details (invoice number, journal code…)
  • Contact details (name, email, VAT number, address…)
  • Accommodation (accommodation name, price, number, VAT rate…)
  • Extras (additional name, unit price, total price…)

More information?

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