Bookingplanner All-in-one

Bookingplanner offers a complete software solution to successfully run your property. It includes a user-friendly Property Management System, a best-of-class Channel Manager and a customisable Booking Engine for your website. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous tasks this all-in-one system takes care of.

Property Management System

The most comprehensive system to support you in your administrative and reception tasks is a Property Management System (PMS). Many aspects of running a hotel, B&B or vacation rental can be automated with the Bookingplanner PMS. It significantly reduces the amount of time you spend on administration and takes away unnecessary stress. Bookingplanner’s Cloud-based PMS acts as your digital planner, but with many additional functionalities:

  • Enjoy a clear overview of all bookings
  • Easily manage your reservations
  • Speed up check-in & check-out
  • Quickly allocate or switch rooms
  • Automate your guest communication
  • Create folios and invoices
  • Simplify your billing and accounting processes
  • Keep track of your housekeeping schedule
  • Generate and export various reports in a few clicks
  • Pull up handy lists: breakfast, cleaning, arrival/departure …
  • Maintain a database with guests’ details
Property Management System

Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager gives you easy access to a large variety of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and other distribution channels. Its synchronisation feature allows you to keep your rates and availability updated across all channels.

  • Choose from 200+ booking sites
  • Efficiently manage your channels from one central place
  • Easily manage different rate plans & prices  
  • Update your rates & availability in bulk
  • Monitor your channels through automated reporting
  • Keep an overview thanks to the calendar view
  • Say goodbye to overbookings

Booking Engine

The majority of travellers prefers to book online as opposed to calling or emailing the property. Add our conversion-oriented Booking Engine to your website to generate commission-free direct bookings while you can focus on your current guests. Starting from a template, it’s very simple to set up and maintain! Connect a Payment Service Provider to allow the guest to pay (or authorise the transaction) in advance, so you have one less thing to worry about later!  

Time-saving integrations

There are many software systems that integrate with Bookingplanner, so that they work together seamlessly and reinforce each other.

Bookingplanner integration possibilities

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

The payment process at a hotel or B&B can entail quite a lot of administration. If you're not busy manually entering credit card details, you’re likely losing time handling no-shows or processing refunds. Offering the possibility to pay online by means of a PSP, for example through Mollie or Stripe, automates this process. Simply charge your guests in advance or send them a quick payment request upon check-out and avoid waiting lines at your front desk!

Point of sales (POS) system

Hotels often consist of multiple points of sale: the front desk, the bar or restaurant, room service … With a POS system, you can easily combine all consumptions from the same guest or room on one invoice. Put down that calculator, because with a smart cash register system like Lightspeed’s, your entire billing process becomes smooth as can be.

KEY system

Electronic key systems, like Salto Space or Hotek Hospitality, enable you to offer your guests access to their rooms in an ultra-fast and secure way 24/7. There are different options to unlock the doors: key cards, smartphone, access code ...

Invoicing & accounting software

Automate your invoicing & accounting process and avoid errors by integrating with one of our trusted accounting partners. This greatly simplifies the collaboration between you and your accountant or finance department. Billit and Exact are a few well-known players that offer many advantages.

Revenue Management System (RMS)

Do you want to take your pricing strategy one step further? A Revenue Management System (RMS) like RoomPriceGenie or RevControl analyses the market in order to determine the ideal room prices, which you can upload automatically to your booking channels.

Self-service kiosk

Finally, introducing a self-service kiosk to your lobby or entrance area can be a great way to make various reception duties more efficient: guests can check themselves in or out, order and pay for extras, upgrade their room … Sounds interesting? Take a closer look at our partner Antenor.

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