Why is Billit such a valuable tool to have?

The financial side of running a business can be quite a time-consuming and error-prone endeavour. Billit offers entrepreneurs and accountants an online invoicing platform that speeds up invoicing-related tasks. This allows you to focus more on your business and less on administration!  

The Billit platform enables businesses to create and send quotes, receipts, credit notes and invoices in a fast and easy way via (e)mail or Peppol. You can also digitise receipts and invoices via mail or smartphone. Because of the possibility to link your bank, you can automate all kinds of laborious processes and access your finances at any time.

Bookingplanner can now be connected to Billit

Bookingplanner has just established an integration with Billit, allowing data to be automatically synchronised between both platforms. We created a connection with its Fast Input version, which means Bookingplanner sends the invoice or credit note along with the reservation details to an email address of Billit as a UBL file. In Billit, you'll have the possibility to verify and process the document as a Billit invoice or credit note.  

Billit can be linked to over 30 accountancy software packages often used by accountants and bookkeepers (see below). This way, all necessary documentation can easily be forwarded to your accountant in the right format, which significantly reduces paperwork, time and costs for both parties!

You can choose from the following accounting software:

Find out more details about the integration with Billit in our help center.

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