Enhance the booking process on your website

Since the beginning of the covid crisis, directs bookings have increased by 65%. Additionally, 50% of people visit the official hotel website after discovering it on a large booking site thanks to the billboard effect. In other words: the odds are in your favour! People are bound to land on your website at some point in their booking journey. Now it's just a matter of triggering those visitors to book their stay right then and there.  

No built-in booking engine on your official website of course means no direct bookings. Everything starts with offering website visitors a smooth & intuitive booking experience. Also make sure the reservation module matches the rest of the website to create a feeling of familiarity and security. To further encourage visitors to book directly with you, draw attention to special offers (e.g. free breakfast or bottle of champagne) and to the fact that they’re getting the best possible rate. Our Booking Engine combines all these essential features and more at an affordable monthly price.

Our Bookingplanner All-in-one solution contains the perfect Booking Engine for an effortless booking process. How does our Booking Engine make the difference, you ask?

  • Completely commission-free without extra costs
  • Integrates seamlessly with any website
  • 100% mobile-friendly
  • Conversion-oriented design
  • Ratebox price comparison tool
Booking Engine

Give your website a facelift

Despite the popularity of OTAs, your own website remains a major source of inspiration for your (potential) guests. Therefore, always keep your website up to date, highlight your unique assets and make sure that visitors can quickly find the information they need. If it costs them too much effort to figure out your website, they’re likely to click away before completing their reservation.

An attractive design is also key to encouraging direct reservations. If your website has a professional feel to it, your accommodation will radiate quality and trustworthiness. Add inviting photos and clear calls to action such as “Book now” buttons that incite people to book.

Not sure if your current checks all these boxes or don’t have one yet and want to get started quickly? Here are a few reasons to consider our affordable and easy-to-maintain template websites:

  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Easy to adapt and ready to publish in no-time
  • Fully customisable with colours, text and photos
  • Attractive & professional look guaranteed
  • Designed for optimal conversion
  • User-friendly layout
  • Easy-to-use CMS so you can make changes yourself
Professional template website

Provide a fast and secure payment method

The last step of the booking process is of course the transaction. Travellers often prefer paying in advance because they want to be certain of their reservation. If you don’t provide this option, you risk losing a potential client at the very last moment.

Offering secure online payment options and an intuitive paying process can only benefit your direct bookings. Our Booking Engine allows you to integrate any number of Payment Providers. Every online payment is transacted swiftly and completely securely, with no additional charge from us. Find out more about this integration here.

Want to discover more?

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