Why using Google Hotel Search is important

Google Hotel Search provides travellers with a clear overview of all accommodations relevant to their search, so they can easily navigate through and compare the available options. The paid listings (indicated by the word ‘Ad’) appear first, followed by the free entries. For each accommodation, they can then compare the booking rates on different websites.

Many hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes use this platform for better online visibility and findability, so adding your accommodation is crucial if you want to pose any competition. But it doesn’t stop there. If your own website is not mentioned in the list of booking channels, you will only generate indirect bookings (through OTAs), resulting in high commission costs.

Google Hotel Search

That’s why it’s essential to display your direct booking rate with a direct booking link leading to the booking engine on your website. By providing this link, your (often advantageous) direct booking rate will stand out and you’ll receive more direct reservations. Good news: you can do this (for free) if you work with an authorised Google partner like Bookingplanner!

Do you already have a Google Business profile?

To have your accommodation appear on the Google Hotel Search platform, all you need is a Google Business profile. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily set one up at zero cost! Just like with other search engines, you’ll appear in the search results when there’s a match with the performed search query. Apart from general company info and photos, you can display your real-time rates and availability.

Setting up your connection with Google

Do you want to receive more commission-free reservations by adding a free direct booking link? Because the built-in Booking Engine that’s part of our Bookingplanner All-In-One package is officially recognised by Google, we can establish this connection for you. If you’re not using Bookingplanner yet, you can discover all the advantages here and request a free trial.

Once your Google Hotel listing is active, our Booking Engine will automatically transfer your hotel details and your direct booking rate will appear on your Google Business Profile, with a link to your website. Thanks to our Channel Manager (also included), all your rates and availabilities are automatically sent to Google as well.

Maximise your visibility through ads

Ready for the next step? If you want your accommodation and/or direct booking link to appear at the top of the list in Google Hotel Search, you can always opt for paid advertisements. In essence, this means you’ll bid for a place at the top against other parties. Depending on your pre-defined budget and other settings, Google automatically displays your ads for optimal performance. Advertising may seem expensive at first glance, but if you compare it to the commissions you pay for indirect bookings, the investment is earned back in no time.

With these ads, you can maximise the visibility of your accommodation and draw even more attention to your direct booking channel, encouraging travellers to book directly with you. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance!

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