#1 Automate tasks thanks to a PMS

A good Property Management System (PMS) automates a large part of your daily operations and significantly reduces the amount of time your staff spend on administrative tasks. The Bookingplanner PMS dashboard provides you with a clear overview of your reservations where you can easily make changes, so there’s no need to write everything down in a book! It also gives you access to various automatically generated lists and reports to simplify tasks such as housekeeping, check-ins, breakfast preparations, tax returns, statistical analyses ... The tourist tax report, for example, gathers all required data for a given period for you to export in only two clicks!  

Speed up check-ins further by activating Booking.com’s online check-in functionality or by connecting a self-service kiosk to Bookingplanner. With a smart kiosk in your entrance area, guests can check themselves in or out at any time, even when your receptionist is absent or occupied. For check-ins that are carried out manually, tools like 365id scanner really come in handy! In just a few seconds, your clients’ personal details are verified and stored in your PMS.

#2 Connect with the right partners

Our software connects to a wide array of integration partners that provide time-saving services and tools. Here are a few integrations that help accelerate and automate otherwise tedious tasks:

  • Key connect
    Use an electronic key system provider to offer your guests quick access to their rooms, either with a physical key card or via mobile.
  • Point of sales system
    Hotels often consist of multiple points of sale: the front desk, the bar or restaurant, the spa, room service … A POS system allows you to centralise all purchases from a particular guest or room on one invoice.
  • Revenue Management System
    A Revenue Management System (RMS) like RoomPriceGenie or RevControl proposes optimal room prices several times a day, which you can upload automatically on all connected booking channels.
  • Accounting connect
    Automate your invoicing & accounting process and limit errors by integrating with one of our accounting partners. Because of the automatic processing and sharing of information, both you and your accountant save a great deal of time (and therefore money)!
Bookingplanner integrations

#3 Simplify your payment approach

It’s highly recommended to use a Payment Service Provider (PSP) like Mollie or Stripe. Link one to your Booking Engine to allow direct customers to pay in advance or to pre-authorise the payment. This way, their payment details are automatically verified and securely stored before their arrival, so your staff no longer have to worry about it. Asking clients to pay during check-in or check-out is nobody’s favourite part of the job, so why not eliminate this awkward step?

If guests choose to pay later, you can easily execute the transaction or send a payment request at the click of a button in Bookingplanner. The result: staff waste less time verifying credit cards or dealing with no-shows, late cancellations, chargebacks …

#4 Automate the communication to your guests

As you know, guest communication is an important aspect of running a B&B, hotel or holiday home. Each reservation entails a number of pre-arrival, during-stay and post-departure emails: a confirmation, a few reminders, practical information, upsell messages, an invitation to leave a review, newsletters ... With our PMS emailing feature, you can create and personalise email templates and schedule them to be sent out automatically at the right time!

Automate your guest communication

One of the most important communication tools you have at your disposition, however, is your official website. Make sure it is easy to navigate, contains all the necessary information and offers a straightforward direct booking process. This will limit the number of phone calls and emails to your property. To make your life even easier, implement a chatbot (with Quicktext) that can answer frequently asked questions 24/7.

Optimise your operations and start saving time

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