#1 Online check-in through Booking.com

Did you know Bookingplanner gives you access to Booking.com’s online check-in feature? By activating this feature, you can offer your guests the possibility to check in online for reservations made through Booking.com. How does it work? Your guests receive an automated email or other notification 48 hours before their arrival in which they’re requested to provide the personal details needed to complete the check-in. They then receive further information about your check-in process, including instructions for picking up the keys.  

It’s a win-win! Both you and your guest will save precious time, because the personal details have already been collected and verified in advance. Thanks to our two-way integration with Booking.com, the check-in information is immediately sent to Bookingplanner. Learn more about this functionality in our help center*.

* You’ll need a MyStardekk account to access our help center. Don’t have one yet? Let us know through the contact form below and we’ll set one up for you!

Booking.com online check-in

#2 Fast & smooth billing and invoicing process

Based on how you arrange your folios, you can create a bill per reservation, per room or even combine multiple reservations. It’s also possible to create a monthly invoice for loyal corporate clients and the extras on a particular folio can be billed separately if need be. Mandatory costs that are applicable to every reservation like tourist taxes or housekeeping fees are automatically added to the bill according to your settings. For maximum convenience, connect with a Payment Service Provider to make online payment possible. If the payment request option is activated in your Bookingplanner account, you can even send your guests a payment invitation at any time at the click of a button.

Want to save time and limit errors? You can automate your invoicing process even further by connecting Bookingplanner to one of our accounting partners. Our integration with Billit allows you to easily export your invoices in the right format and share them with your accountant. This will significantly reduce paperwork, time and costs for both of you!

#3 Group reservations made easy

Did you know you can save lots of time by making changes in bulk for group reservations (reservations that consist of multiple rooms)? For example, you can select all accommodations within the reservation and check them in or out at once, adjust the rate plan, add extras or a comment. Depending on the guests’ wishes, you can use one folio for the entire reservation and invoice all expenses with a single click or create a separate folio for each room. The extras can also be invoiced separately if required.

#4 Well-organised lists to simplify your daily routine

Do you want to see at a single glance who is checking in that day, which rooms need to be cleaned or how many guests are joining for breakfast? Bookingplanner generates several lists that you can access and print through the dashboard or under reports:

  • Arrival & departure list
    Thanks to the arrival and departure lists, you're fully prepared for the day and you can make your service more personal by always knowing who is checking in or out.
  • Breakfast list
    The breakfast list gives you an overview of all the reservations with breakfast included (either as part of the rate plan or as an extra). Under reports, you can retrieve breakfast lists for a specific day or for a given period of time.
  • Cleaning list
    In this daily list, you can check and update the cleaning status of each room. It also shows the occupation status, the number of people, a reminder to change the linen and any housekeeping-related comments (which you can add via the reservation itself).
Well-organised lists

#5 Less administration thanks to auto-generated reports

Bookingplanner generates diverse reports that help reduce your administrative workload and provide insight into how your accommodation is doing. You can find statistics surrounding your:

  • Revenue
  • Room occupancy
  • Payments
  • Booking channels
  • Cancellations

Are you required to regularly submit certain reports to the government, like the city tax report? If your accommodation is located in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland or the Netherlands, Bookingplanner lets you export these records for a given period in just a few clicks.

Want to know more about these or other Bookingplanner features?

If you have further questions or want to try out Bookingplanner All-in-one for free, you can contact us at any time using the form below. We’re happy to help you get the most out of your Bookingplanner subscription!