#1 Your website

For many travellers, your website will be the most important source of information after completing their reservation. Having an accurate Google Business page is essential here. It allows people to find your website and contact details immediately.  

Your website should display all important information in a structured way. You can even add a chatbot to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions 24/7. Not sure if your website meets current standards? Download our website checklist and find out.

#2 Email

Email is one of the main communication tools for hospitality professionals. For each booking, there are a number of emails to be sent. You can use your client database and the automated email feature in Bookingplanner to schedule the right emails at the right time.

Rather than sending a standard confirmation email, make guests feel valued by asking about their preferences and sharing tips to enrich their stay. The better you know your guests, the better you can tweak their stay to match or even exceed their expectations.  

Emails to your guests remain important even after checkout. Don’t forget to schedule a thank you message to your guests with a link to leave a review. After all, ratings heavily influence travellers’ booking decisions. Use newsletters to inform clients about promotions, special events and your loyalty programme. Tip: give first-time guests a nice amount of loyalty points to start with as an extra encouragement to come back.

#3 Personal contact

Although the younger generations (Y and Z) often prefer fast digital ways of interacting, personal communication in hospitality is not dead! It’s still important for hotel staff to be easy to reach, both in person and over the phone. Empower your staff so they can smoothly answer common questions and share tips about the region.

Tip for a memorable check-in: offer your guest a welcome package that contains practical information about your accommodation as well as recommendations for places of interest nearby. This feels much more personal than a plain book or ring binder. You can even add a regional snack, a branded post card, coupons for activities or restaurants, …

#4 Self-service tools

Equip guests with the necessary tools to place orders and book extra services during their stay. Take a look at Lightspeed’s POS system or Oaky’s upsell application, for example. Self-service makes the ordering and paying process much faster and easier for both parties.

Guest communication

#5 Instant messaging apps (chat)

Chat applications, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, are perfect to send urgent messages to your guests or just to check in on them. Many travellers also like to use chat apps for quick questions or requests. Bookingplanner integrates with convenient applications like Runnr.ai that help automate guest communication via chat.

#6 Social media

Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn offer an ideal platform to engage with guests before, during and after their stay. We’ve created a step-by-step social media guide for you to achieve a successful strategy, packed with expert tips.

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