Cater to increasingly impatient travellers

Consumers are becoming less and less patient, being so used to the high speed of modern technology. The same goes for travellers who are planning a trip online. If they encounter any difficulties while trying to book a room, they'll quickly turn to more convenient alternatives.

Your potential client could decide to use a well-known booking site instead, costing you money in commissions, or book with a different accommodation altogether. That’s why offering an effortless online booking and paying process is so important.

Use Bookingplanner in combination with a payment provider

With Bookingplanner All-in-one, you can easily cater to travellers’ growing demands and avoid losing potential clients. The Booking Engine that's included in the package has all the features necessary for a swift and straightforward booking process:

  • Blends perfectly with your website.
  • 100% mobile-friendly.
  • Eye-catching “Book now” buttons.
  • Intuitive process with no redundant steps.
  • Fastbooker that allows guests to quickly check your availability.
  • Ratebox that makes comparing rates and advantages extra fast.
Booking Engine on your website

To complete the booking process, it’s highly advisable to use a Payment Service Provider (PSP) like Mollie or Worldline. This way, your guests can choose the method and time of payment that suits them best. The payment module integrates seamlessly with your Booking Engine, allowing for a smooth experience.  

Offering online payment options through a payment provider is important for you as well. Since the new PSD-2 regulation is in force, credit card guarantees are no longer sufficient to ensure every payment. Have you read our previous blog post, where we laid out all the benefits PSPs offer you and your guests?

Improve your guest experience and boost your revenue

Your guests’ travel experience starts from the moment they land on your website. Offering a smooth booking and payment process therefore not only leads to more conversions, but also improves the overall guest experience. Consumers also tend to spend more when the payment is fast and easy. In other words, enhancing this aspect of your service is well worth the small investment!

Want to get started?

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