Take unnecessary manual work out of the payment process

Is your B&B, hotel or holiday home still dependent on offline paying methods? Then there’s still plenty of room for improvement! Offline transactions require a lot of time and effort from both parties. By linking your Bookingplanner to a Payment Service Provider (PSP), you can automate this process and eliminate a large portion of the manual work.

Accepting online payments allows for a flawless information exchange with Bookingplanner, saving you lots of time that you can dedicate to your service instead. In addition, paying becomes possible at any step in the customer journey. Depending on the customer’s preferences, you can take payments in advance through Booking Engine, at your front desk or by means of direct payment requests via email.

Accept online payments during the booking process

Guests often prefer paying in advance, so they don't have to worry about it once they have embarked on their trip. The more payment options they can choose from, the more likely they are to complete the online reservation.  

With the Booking Engine that’s included in the Bookingplanner All-In-One package, you can easily accept online payments during the booking process by using Payment Service Providers. They ensure a win-win: your clients can select the payment method they like best and you are always certain of being paid.  

Both the booking module itself and the integrated payment module are 100% mobile-friendly, an indispensable asset nowadays! Visit our Marketplace to see which PSPs can be linked to your Booking Engine.

Connect your Booking Engine to PSPs

Faster payments at your front desk

In case you have a front desk, you can of course still take payments the traditional way, only faster! Avoid annoying waiting lines in your reception area by implementing online payment methods. No more last-minute calculations, going through different bills or fussing around with credit card details, since all data is automatically retrieved from your Bookingplanner PMS.

Send payment requests in just a few clicks

Provided that you work with a PSP, you can email secure payment links to your guests at any time: before check-in, during their stay and even after check-out. This method offers your guests maximum convenience and flexibility. You can give them complete freedom to edit their reservation and add extras, with the possibility to pay right away or at the end of the stay. This can also positively impact your revenue, as consumers spend more money when the payment process is quick and easy, especially via mobile!xd

Starting from a payment request template, you can easily customise the content of the email. Specify the items for which you want to send a payment request (accommodation, tourist tax, supplements, ...). If needed, you can choose to split the due amount into smaller transactions or invoice part of the expenses to the company while having the guest pay for the rest. Discover more about payment requests in our help center.

Ready to speed up your payment processing method?

If you’re interested in using Bookingplanner in combination with PSPs, feel free to contact us using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!