What are the advantages of a POS system for hotels?

A hotel POS system provides a central place where additional purchases by your guests can be made. This is incredibly valuable to hotels, as they often consist of multiple points of sale: the front desk, the bar or restaurant, the spa, room service …  

Of course, all these transactions need to be linked to the right client or room. Your POS system keeps track and collects all purchases on one bill, so you don’t have to go through everything manually during the check-out process. The result: your staff have a much easier job and save precious time, while the guest enjoys a seamless experience and speedy check-out.

Why choose Lightspeed's POS system?  

As one of the best in the game, Lightspeed offers the hardware and software you need to provide the perfect guest experience. The application allows you to customise the floor plans of your restaurant, bar or other areas in a highly detailed and flexible way. You can also easily create and modify different menus and assign them to the right devices.

From every point of sale in your accommodation, your staff can quickly access clients’ details, take orders and add the purchases to the existing bill. That way, your guests don't have to worry about individual payments during their stay.  

Aside from the efficiency aspect, Lightspeed's POS system helps you increase sales and revenue as well. The Self-Order Menu (accessed through a QR code) makes it possible for guests to place orders themselves, removing any barriers. Moreover, the system carefully monitors all sales and ordering data to further optimise your services.

Integration between Bookingplanner PMS and Lightspeed POS

A PMS and POS system are two sides of the same coin. They complement each other perfectly: your PMS is in charge of managing your bookings while the POS system handles all sales during the stay.

Lightspeed POS - Bookingplanner PMS integration

The Lightspeed integration with Bookingplanner allows you to add Lightspeed orders to the existing room account in your PMS. That way, all purchases from a particular guest or room are centralised on one invoice, providing you with a complete overview of all transactions. Because all information is gathered in one central place, it’s much easier to analyse reports or send the necessary files to your accountant.

Further questions about the Bookingplanner-Lightspeed integration?

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