#1 – A straightforward website layout

Once potential guests land on your website, they should be able to find the information they need with zero effort. Provide a user-friendly, logical layout and clear calls to action to help visitors find the way (for example a “Book now” button leading to the booking engine). Don’t forget to include important information about the rooms, dining options, parking facilities, your location, ... That way, no further questions need to be asked.

#2 – An attractive website

When it comes to consumer decisions, appearance DOES matter! Having an attractive and professional-looking website will radiate credibility and reflect positively on your accommodation. Inspire potential guests even more by using lots of inviting images. Not entirely satisfied with your current professional website? Take a look at our fully customisable, conversion-oriented template websites. You can easily add this upgrade to your Bookingplanner package at an affordable price.

Professional template website

#3 – Highlight your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions)

Before making any purchase decision, consumers ask themselves: “What’s in it for me?” Clearly communicate your strengths: what makes your B&B, apartment, hotel or holiday home stand out? Make sure to highlight the additional benefits of booking directly as well. You could, for example, offer your direct customers a welcome gift, a free breakfast, free parking, loyalty programmes … Also draw attention to special offers and intriguing arrangements.

#4 – A smooth booking experience

A key success factor for acquiring more direct bookings is the booking process on your website. Firstly, make sure the booking module is 100% responsive (just like the rest of your website) and matches your branding. Secondly, keep the different steps short and easy to follow. With a fastbooker, guests can quickly check your availability. The Booking Engine that’s included in our Bookingplanner All-in-one solution meets all these criteria and is carefully designed for maximum conversion. It integrates seamlessly with any website and is completely commission-free, without any additional payment costs.

#5 – Include a Ratebox and guest reviews

Did you know you can add a price comparison pop-up (Ratebox) to your website? This nifty tool compares the rates on different booking channels and emphasises the best option: your direct booking rate. Since consumers value the opinions of fellow consumers, it’s also a great idea to show a few guest reviews during the booking process. These two elements will make your customers feel much more confident about their purchase decision!

Guest reviews

#6 – Fast & secure payment options

Finally, give your direct customers the option to pay in advance with their preferred payment method. Avoid losing clients during this final step by connecting your Booking Engine to a PSP (Payment Service Provider). This way, you’re also fully compliant with the PSD2 legislation that requires double authentication, meaning credit card details alone no longer suffice. Find out more about the integration with PSPs here.

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